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Does learning really have to be this boring?



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We asked ourselves this constantly when we were students.

We loved playing games, yet we hated studying despite doing well at it.

Is it really so difficult to enjoy what we are required to do?

Is there another way?

This question birthed DeMys, a dream of two students hoping to unify gaming and learning as one.

Our starting objective? To replace tuition and assessment books through the creation of a play-based learning game: Genesis.


We aspire for Genesis to not just be another educational game, but a radically new horizon of play-learning for students.

What is Genesis?

Genesis is a single player role-playing game(RPG) that incorporates science concepts from the Primary 4-6 MOE Science syllabus as part of the core game mechanics in our fantasy world.

Players accompany a character, Axl, as he explores the world of Genesis.

Actual tangible results from gameplay.

We know that exams are a huge concern in Singapore.

As fun as our game will be, we want to ensure that our players to have measurable progress in their learning.

In the testing phase, we gave primary school students quizzes with real MOE exam questions before and after gameplay.

This allows us to track improvement in marks from playing Genesis.

Our starter version will be the genesis of something much more. 

There is much to work for Genesis to fully replace tuition.

We need much support, feedback and suggestions from a passionate community, Without you, Genesis will only be a good beginning - but nothing more.

Be a pioneer of the upcoming education revolution with our early adopter version of Genesis.

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