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Core Values

Instinctive Play-Learning

Research has shown that learning is similar to exercising a muscle, rather than permanently storing information in our heads like a computer.

We recognize the memory retention is a key issue with learning, and this is where our platform shines.

By subtly incorporating learning concepts into the core mechanics of our play-learn experiences, the process of relearning old information becomes fun.

This encourages children to exercise their "learning muscles" continually, which is the recipe to effective learning.

Intrinsic over Extrinsic

Motivation comes from within. We believe in making learning relevant to each and every child. Learning takes place most effectively when it is relevant.

Our platform is therefore designed to present your child with problems before they learn the tools - therefore creating the intrinsic need for the tools that they will learn.

This imitates how we naturally learn in reality - by learning the tools when a problem occurs, and not the other way round.

Know your child's journey

The online world can be dangerous. We understand.

At DeMys, we are committed to the well-being of every child. Every  participant will undergo verification before joining our platform.


A one-in-all dashboard will be provided so that you are updated on your child's learning progress and safety in real time.


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