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to transform education.

In a post-covid era, online education is here to stay.

Before COVID, physical lessons were already monotonous and irrelevant in general. During the lockdown, we had online classes which were even less interesting.


In addition, there is that constant worry in us about what our children are exposed to daily in the online world.

There must be more to 21st century education than this. We need a learning revolution for our children.


Kids are already learning all the time - research shows that they pick up complex ideas rapidly from games. But most games today introduce knowledge that are unrealistic at best, harmful at worst.

We need a learning revolution. And play might be the highest form of learning. 

The pandemic has also exposed existing gaps in traditional education systems: Classes in general, both physical and online, are not engaging enough.

On the other hand, online gaming has increased exponentially. Why are children so unmotivated to learn, but so eager to spend hours playing games?


We don't believe it is "just the way kids are", but the way we approach education.

We face an education crisis on a global scale

An all-in-one learning platform for the next generation

We envision a new era of learning in the 21st century where

learning takes place instinctively - theories are learnt real time with application in real-life scenarios, conveniently from one online platform.


Our children will want to learn, play to learn, and learn to truly succeed.

What DeMys is about

For example, the timetable is usually taught by making kids do problem sums as minichallenges as they "play" the game.

Why not create a need for it by having children roleplay as a shopkeeper, where the usefulness of arithmetic becomes relevant naturally?


These are our four core values that influences the way we design our platform, from our big vision to the everyday details.

Most "gamified learning" tools in the market try to use games to make the education process more fun. Just like how we add different dressings to greens to make our children eat it.


We take a different approach. Rather than just dressing up the greens, we transform it into a dish that is truly tasty, by bringing the true essence of learning.


We believe play is the highest form of learning. So we start by demisting the fog of education around it.

Click here to know more about our core values!


Our starter version

Our upcoming version will empower kids from grades 5-6 (primary 4-6) to learn examinable science concepts through an intuitive and instinctive approach.

This version will be perfect for children who are learning it for the first time and older children who might still have difficulty mastering these concepts.


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We appreciate any form of input, compliment or criticism, because your opinion matters to us.


The comments are anonymous, so feel free to give us your most genuine feelings :)

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Join the movement.

Starting a revolution is hard. Making it a reality is impossible. Unless we have the help of each and every one of you :)


If you believe in our vision and want to be onboard with the learning revolution, we welcome you.


Whether you want to join us at DeMys, partner with us, are interested in our future products or you just want to know more about us, we want to connect with you. We cannot do this alone.

Let's make painful education a thing of the past together.

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